Have you checked our shop and the product you’re looking for is not there? Well this is your chance to make that product a reality. As we are a small but growing company, we do not have the funds to purchase all of the bows on the market so we can design grips for them. This is where you, our valued customers and friends can help. With the bow in our hands, our engineers can generally create a product from start to finish in about two weeks. If you are willing to part with your bow for two weeks, we can do some amazing things.

What’s in it for you?

  • FREE grip, tailored directly to your bow and your shooting style
  • A product which you helped to create, now available on the market for you to recommend to your friends
  • A coupon code for a future purchase on our site

Which bows are we looking for?

  • 2019/2020 Mathews (newer grip design)
  • PSE Supra Focus
  • 2020 PSE Bows (With modular grip)
  • Bowtech Bows with Clutch Grip
  • Prime Bows*
  • Elite Bows*
  • Other PSE Bows*
  • All Other Bows*

*While we would love to create grips for these bows, we foresee these designs being much more difficult and we cannot guarantee success with these bows. Additionally, we may need more than the standard two weeks to perfect these grips. If you would like us to try to make a grip for your bow anyway, we would be thrilled to try, so feel free to volunteer on the form below.*

How it works

  1. You volunteer your bow using the form below
  2. We contact you to set up a time and provide you with our shipping address
  3. We receive your bow and begin working on the design
  4. When we feel confident in the design, we will send back your bow along with the new grip
  5. You will shoot the bow with the new grip and provide us feedback on the feeling of the grip
  6. We will modify the design if necessary and send you a new grip to try
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until the grip is perfect
  8. List the grip for sale on our website

Is this a scam?

While our assurance that this is not a scam may not be terribly comforting, we can assure you that this is not a scam. We provide you with our address and full name and you already know our business name, so legal action against us would be extremely easy. If this were a scam, it definitely would not be a good one.

*Please be aware, you are responsible for the shipping charges involved in sending your bow but we will cover the return shipping.